Ski Care Products and Wax Removers

Rex offers a complete range of conditioners for all modern xc ski types, including mohair grip inserts (ie. SkinTec, SkinPro), ZERO, Nanogrip and Optigrip bases.

Everything you need to keep your skis in top shape!


Fluor Glide Cleaner


Fluorinated cleaning agent for glide surfaces prior applying new glide wax.

Hydrocarbon free. Does not dry the base, leaves a good surface for applying new wax.


Skin Care


New dirt-repelling and glide-enhancing conditioner for mohair grip insert skis. Safe to use on all ski brands. Apply to a cloth and wipe the mohair clean. Leaves a protective treatment after drying. Hydrocarbon-free.



For removing grip waxes and glide waxes effectively and safely. Suitable also for cleaning Nanogrip, Zero and step grip bases. For cleaning mohair grip zones, use #508 Skin Care instead. Available in various packaging sizes: 100 ml, 500 ml, 3000 ml.


Remover Spray

Rex Remover in a handy 100 ml spray packaging.


Base Oil 2.0


A Rex specialty for new or ground skis. One treatment with Base Oil equals 2-3 treatments with Base Paraffin. Prevents the base from turning to gray. The new 2.0 version contains new raw materials from our R&D department. Creates a hydrophobic emulsion with gliders and helps the ski base to repel more water and dirt.


Rapid Silicon Spray

Universal glide spray containing silicone and wax. For ZERO and step grip bases.


Anti-Ice Glider


New fluoro Anti-Ice for Nanogrip and other no-wax bases. Prevents icing and improves glide. Does not contain wax, so it is safe to use on Nanogrip bases.

Taking care of skin skis

Removing Grip Wax

Removing grip wax from skis:

  1. Lay softpaper sheet on the ski
  2. Remove grip wax with a scraper
  3. Wet ski base with wax remover
  4. Clean any residue left on the ski with fibberrex
  5. Wipe off excess dirt
  6. Allow skis to dry for 5-10 minutes before moving on to the waxing

Applying Rex Anti-Ice

Rex Anti-Ice is designed for Nanogrip, Optigrip and no-wax bases to proven icing and improve glide.

  1. Shake the bottle well before use
  2. Apply conditioner onto the ski base
  3. Let the base dry for a couple of minutes