Glide Cleaner 500 ml

Rex Glide Cleaner is a fluorinated 2-way glide surface cleaner/glider that cleanses the base as well as Rex Remover, but without making the base turn gray and dry. Apply Glide Cleaner generously to fiber cloth, wipe the base clean and let dry for 2-3 minutes. Brush well with a nylon brush. After treatment, Rex Glide Cleaner leaves a very hard and thin layer of glide wax, that acts as an excellent binder for both liquid and solid paraffin waxes. Always start a new glide waxing by cleaning with Rex Glide Cleaner. It will make the attachment and durability of sequent wax layers considerably better. Rex Glide Cleaner glides well even on its own on dirty and artificial snow, that is usually found in ski tunnels.

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