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Brand new NF-Series

Fluor-free N-Kinetic Top Coatings for Racing

NF Series

Ski Care

Ski Care

Everything you need for ski care and cleaning


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Waxing Tips and Blog

Blog articles are in Finnish at the moment.

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Skiing Gloves

New line-up with a new fresh concept, improved materials and fit!



Ski Poles

New Rex Ski Poles collection for season 23/24

Rex Ski Poles

Ski Care


New collection of brushes for season 23/24. Introducing Roto Brushes!


Future Fluor

Rex FUTURE FLUOR™ is our PFOA-free new generation fluorocarbon technology that fullfills the latest EU regulations. Safer for the user and the environment, and better performance too!


Rex N-KINETIC™ is the name of our fluorocarbon free dirt-repelling and glide-enhancing technologies. For 23/24, the technology already enters its third generation, with the new NF-series gliders.

Power Polymers

Rex POWER POLYMERS™ is a new generation polymer wax blend that forms a strong bond with the UHMWPE base material used in race skis, ensuring good durability. The harder UHW™ is an ultra-hard polymer wax blend for the most abrasive conditions. It is only possible to apply in liquid form.

2-step carrier

The core of our liquid wax technology. Advanced 2-STEP CARRIER™ -solvent combined with special manufacturing process, enable the temporary liquid state transformation of new generation polymer waxes. A liquid wax without compromises.

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