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The International Ski Federation’s (FIS) decision to prohibit fluorinated waxes in FIS-sanctioned competitions has sparked considerable debate among competitive and recreational skiers. This development has also led to confusion and spreading rumors, mainly through social media, regarding whom the ban impacts, its effects on recreational skiers, and the implications for competitive skiers, their gear, and waxing practices.

This blog post aims to shed light on the fluorine ban’s repercussions from the viewpoints of both competitive and recreational skiers.

In events like the Finnish National Cup and various mass-participation races, participants continue to use fluorinated products widely, which are included in our waxing recommendations. Fluorinated products are readily available in most ski shops in Finland. Rex is not advocating for any particular agenda; instead, we are allowing distributors, retailers, and consumers to make their own choices. We aim to offer unbiased information based on official data from EU authorities such as ECHA.

Are Rex Fluor Waxes Allowed to Use in the EU and USA?

All Rex fluorinated products adhere to the latest regulations set forth by the EU’s European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), meaning they are approved for production, sale, and use. In tests conducted by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (TUKES), Rex products have passed the 25ppb threshold for PFOA. The actions of governing bodies in ski racing, such as FIS and IBU, are separate from the regulatory measures implemented by authorities in the EU and USA. 

For the 23/24 season, Rex is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of non-fluorinated and fluorinated products to accommodate skiers at all skill levels. While fluorinated products will eventually be phased out across all markets, the timeline for this transition remains to be determined. This phase-out will affect all consumer products containing fluorinated compounds, not solely ski waxes. The ski wax industry plays a relatively minor role in the global and EU markets regarding fluorinated compound usage. Rex firmly believes that completely eliminating fluorinated substances across all industries, including ski waxes, is an unequivocally positive move.

Since 2021, Rex has chosen to offer ONLY fluor-free products in the U.S. market, a commitment we stand by firmly.

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