TK1814 Service Line Grip


TK-1814 is a completely new type of klister-like grip wax designed for current skiing conditions. Hard-packed snow, artificial, and firm track surfaces demand aggressive grip that still glides well. The TK-1814 can be used on its own, and as well as a coating for grip waxes and klisters. Contains graphite and pinewood tar. For 24/25, the recipe has been updated to be fluor free.

Using grip wax using from start to finish – base preparation and glide waxing

  1. Tape off the grip zone.
  2. Roughen the grip zone with sandpaper and clean off the sanding dust.
  3. Apply a layer of Rex base wax. (You can also use liquid Rex Base Wax, which is a faster method.)
  4. Heat the base wax with a heat gun or waxing iron.
  5. Smooth it with a cork.
  6. Apply a thin layer of Rex grip wax according to the conditions.
  7. Smooth it with a cork.
  8. Repeat the application of grip wax 2-4 times, smoothing the wax after each layer. Apply thinner wax to both ends of the grip zone and thicker wax in the middle.
  9. Typically, you will need 2-4 layers of wax. The required amount depends on the stiffness of the ski and personal preferences. You can add wax even on the track.

Peeling the wax tin

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