NFX 00 SISU Black UHW Cold New Snow N-kinetic Powder

Durable long distance UHW race powder for new snow. Use as the final layer of as an under layer. Contains Rex UHW -Ultra Hard Waxes that gives powder extra durability.Thanks to the powder form, this ultra-hard and durable wax blend can now be applied with a waxing iron. Based on a NF-level micronized Rex Power Polymers New Snow wax blend, with added extra N-Kinetic™ nanoparticles that are embedded in the surrounding powder matrix. The special mixture of SISU Black is developed especially for new, cold fine-grained and mixed snow and snow with relatively high humidity. In addition to the standard new snow additives used in Rex black waxes, the SISU Black adds additional nanoparticles for extra performance boost on new snow.

Snow temp: all temp
Snow type: new snow
Melting point: 140°C
Iron temp: 180°C

Durability and toughness for even the longest distances.

The new NFX series powders SISU White and SISU Black are based on the “diamond-hard” Rex UHW polymer wax mixture. The powder form allows for the application of this extremely wear-resistant wax mixture, known from Rex UHW liquid waxes, with a waxing iron, achieving the best possible durability. Use either as a base layer for other NFX powders or on its own. SISU Black contains the same completely new and first-time launched new snow additive mix as the NFX 21 G powder.

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