Black Diamond E -Chain Lubrication

Tuned for E-bikes


Zero Friction Cycling is the world’s leading chain lubrication test laboratory, and it is trusted by all major chain lube manufacturers. Their over 300,000 controlled test kilometers form a comprehensive database of the best lubricants on the market. To date, no lubricant has remotely demonstrated the treatment longevity of Rex Black Diamond, which outperformed competing lubricants in tests, even when tested with an astonishingly long lubrication interval of 1,000 km.


In electric bikes, chains and chainrings are subjected to higher forces than usual. Small chainrings and sprocket sizes, low cadence, and high power are a combination that wears out the drivetrain quickly. By choosing the right chain lubricant, the lifespan of your chains can be increased up to six times when compared to average lubes on the market.

Under load, the Black Diamond E’s nanoparticles form an extremely durable and low-friction surface layer on metal-to-metal contact surfaces, significantly improving the lubricating properties. In addition to low friction and low wear, Rex chain lubes’ ability to recover from temporary interruptions in lubrication caused by sand, water and dust is researched to be the best in its category. Even when subjected to contamination, Rex does not turn into an abrasive paste that quickly wears out chains. This is due to Rex’s extensive knowledge of dirt-repellent waxes and their additives.


Friction and wear go hand in hand. By using the Rex Black Diamond E, you will significantly reduce the wear and tear on the transmission of your electric bike. Components need to be replaced less often, and you can focus on riding your bike instead of replacing drivetrain components. The total savings during the driving season can be several hundred euros. The total running costs of the bike are reduced and the chain lube pays for itself many times over. Protecting your chain from premature wear with the Black Diamond E is easy: Lubricate the chain when it sounds dry, and keep the chain surface chain clean by wiping it with a cloth from time to time. Only the lubricant that is inside the chain matters for lubrication performance and only a small drop of Black Diamond is needed for each chain link.


We took the recipe for Black Diamond and made it even better for electric bikes in two ways: Nanotungsten (WS2) improves the pressure resistance of the lubricant and further reduces the level of friction. When used in combination with our proprietary Black Diamond nanoparticle technology, a synergistic effect is achieved. The use of both additives at their optimal concentration gives a result that is better than the sum of its parts. For best performance, both nano additives are blended into the lubricant in an ultrasonic process at our factory in Hartola, Finland. As an additional spice, we added Rex N-KineticTM hydrophobic polymers to the composition. They give Black Diamond E better anti-corrosion properties than our previous chain lubes, and improve performance in very cold conditions.

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