NFX powders N-Kinetic

Rex Product Development’s latest advancements now available!

The brand new NFX powders, containing fluorine-replacing additives, are based on the latest NF-series N-Kinetic 3 glide waxes, which have been supplemented with additives proven successful in the product development program.

NFX’s performance has elevated it to the top of glide tests, and NFX powders have been used to reach the podium by several different national teams in the 23/24 season. The “X” in the product series name comes from new, innovative additives that can only be mixed into powders. This allows for a performance boost above previous solid and liquid waxes.

NF00 SISU Black and White – Durability and toughness for even the longest distances.

The new NFX series powders SISU White and SISU Black are based on the “diamond-hard” Rex UHW polymer wax mixture. The powder form allows for the application of this extremely wear-resistant wax mixture, known from Rex UHW liquid waxes, with a waxing iron, achieving the best possible durability. Use either as a base layer for other NFX powders or on its own. SISU Black contains the same completely new and first-time launched new snow additive mix as the NFX 21 G powder.


“Sisu” is a Finnish concept and cultural construct that is often described as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness. It expresses the Finnish national character, denoting an inner strength and perseverance in the face of adversity, often in situations where success seems unlikely. Sisu is about taking action against the odds and displaying courage and resolve in the face of challenges. It’s not just about physical toughness but also about mental fortitude and the will to overcome obstacles. The concept of sisu has deep significance in Finnish culture and is a source of pride and identity.

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