NFX 00 SISU White UHW N-kinetic Powder

Durable long distance UHW race powder. Use as the final layer of as an under layer. Contains Rex UHW -Ultra Hard Waxes that gives powder extra durability. Thanks to the powder form, this ultra-hard and durable wax blend can now be applied with a waxing iron.

Snow temp: all temp
Snow type: all snow types
Melting point: 140°C
Iron temp: 180°C

Durability and toughness for even the longest distances.

The new NFX series powders SISU White and SISU Black are based on the “diamond-hard” Rex UHW polymer wax mixture. The powder form allows for the application of this extremely wear-resistant wax mixture, known from Rex UHW liquid waxes, with a waxing iron, achieving the best possible durability. Use either as a base layer for other NFX powders or on its own. SISU Black contains the same completely new and first-time launched new snow additive mix as the NFX 21 G powder.

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