Black Diamond -Chain Lube

30 gr / 30 waxing rounds

The King of Chain Lubes. Fastest Ever Chain Lube in Independent Laboratory Testing.

Wheel Energy laboratories is one of the few completely independent chain lube efficiency testing labs in the world. They were also an important partner in the extensive development process of Rex Black Diamond chain lube.

In a 300 km dynamometer test under 175 W magnetic resistance, Rex Black Diamond gave the best overall result, leaving competing high-end chain lubricants behind. The test protocol was designed by Wheel Energy, with no instructions or other input from Rex. In addition to lab tests, Black Diamond has proven its performance in Tour de France 2019 (1 stage win).

RAINPROOF Next Level Combination of Dry and Wet Weather Performance

Previously, seeking for the lowest possible friction in a chain lube has meant sacrificing all-weather performance. So-called “wet” lubes have traditionally been very energy-stealing. Rex Black Diamond combines test- winning friction levels with strong weather resistance in a previously unseen way. The true king of chain lubes!

WAX BASED Solvent-Free, Non-Vaporixing, Undiluted

Adding solvent or water to a chain lube is generally thought to be a great way to reduce manufacturing cost and giving the manufacturer a better margin. At Rex, we think otherwise. Every drop you apply on the chain is 100% lubricant and not something that will evaporate into the air. Unlike with most chain lubes, there is no need to wait until the solvent evaporates before you can ride your bike.

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