Domestique -Chain Lubricant Workshop

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Go-to choice for the avid enthusiast. THE ORIGINAL REX CHAIN LUBRICANT

n addition to skiing, we at Rex are also passionate cyclists. This is the main reason why we started developing the Domestique lube. We started playing with the idea “If Rex made a chain lubricant, what would it be like?”. That sounded so interesting we had to find out!


The recipe of Domestique combines out-of-the-box thinking with the best raw materials used in high-end ski waxes. Rex is well known for its world cup level ski waxes and is an expert in paraffin wax-based applications with seven decades’ worth of experience. Each batch of Rex Chain Lube is carefully hand-mixed at our factory in Hartola, Finland.

Prior to its launch, Domestique was tested for two years in all possible summer and winter riding conditions, in road and MTB use. In dry road conditions, the lube performs well for up to 500 kilometers. In typical use, only wiping with a dry cloth is needed before reapplying the lube. Before using Rex Chain Lube for the first time, it is preferable to fully degrease the chain for best results.


Adding solvent or water to a chain lube is generally thought to be a great way to reduce manufacturing costs and give the manufacturer a better margin. At Rex, we think otherwise. Every drop you apply on the chain is 100% lubricant and not something that will evaporate into the air. Unlike with most chain lubes, there is no need to wait until the solvent evaporates before you can ride your bike.

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