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New N-series Grip Waxes

Racing Grip waxes, rethought! Next level combination of grip and glide with Rex Dual Compound technology: The innovative recipe of our N-line grip waxes consists of both pressure-sensitive and temperature-sensitive raw materials in an optimal ratio, to achieve a perfect balance for the demands of today’s World Cup racing tracks.

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Rex Future Fluor technology

Rex Future Fluor is our PFOA-free new generation fluorocarbon technology. Safer for the user and the environment, and better performance too!

Future Fluor top coatings

Rex Future Fluor top coatings like TK-73 and Hydrex 2 are PFOA-free, and allowed in FIS World Cup during season 2020/2021.
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Rex Racing Service Line

A series of our latest wax innovations. Previously available for World Cup wax technicians only, now also from selected shops!
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Race reports and waxing recommendations

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