27.2.2019 klo 7.53
Held out on the Charlie Banks ski trails at Korkki Nordic Center. One of the oldest races in Minnesota! A true test of your classic skills on the single track trails of Korkki Nordic. Kids race too.
23.2.2019 klo 10.34
Perjantai: sprintit, P Lauantai: 5-10km, P Sunnuntai: 10-15km, V
19.2.2019 klo 8.19
23.2 Saturday 20/ 32/50km, classic 24.2 Sunday 20/50km skate
18.2.2019 klo 22.10
Korteloppet starts at the OO trailhead and finishes in the town of Hayward, WI.
18.2.2019 klo 21.41
Largest ski race in North America, located in Hayward, WI
15.2.2019 klo 13.27
Sun 17.2.2019 Moscow
15.2.2019 klo 12.53
63 / 31km
15.2.2019 klo 7.00
16.2.2019, Kauhajoki
15.2.2019 klo 6.46
16-17.2.2019 Mikkeli
14.2.2019 klo 18.35
A ski festival for the entire family on the beautiful Pincushion Trails, overlooking Grand Marais and Lake Superior. Uses the entire Pincushion trail system. Also kids and skijor races in the afternoon.
14.2.2019 klo 18.32
A candlelit, evening race for skiers and snowshoers of all abilities and ages. The course runs from Ashland to Washburn, across Chequamegon Bay.
14.2.2019 klo 18.30
A challenging course with many good hills and lots of woods! One of the best run races in Minnesota (especially the wave starts)!
14.2.2019 klo 18.17
JNQ races and CCSA Conf Championships, as well as SuperTour event at Theodore Wirth. Sprints on Friday (SuperTour), mass start on Saturday, individual start on Sunday.
13.2.2019 klo 6.57
42km (P), Pietarsaari
12.2.2019 klo 3.37
8.2.2019 klo 10.53
Massahiihto, Vöyri 50 km (P)
6.2.2019 klo 3.32
The largest race in Minnesota. The finish is the best around -- down Main street Mora with the crowds cheering!
6.2.2019 klo 3.27
Starts on Lake Hayward and finishes at Hwy OO. One big mass start!
3.2.2019 klo 16.05
Updates will be put out Sunday and Tuesday
3.2.2019 klo 7.00
Perjantai: NYL 10km / MYL 15km (P) Lauantai: viestit Sunnuntai: viestit (V)