5.1.2017 klo 6.30
One of our Rexperts is on location at Soldier Hollow for US Nationals and will be conducting testing throughout the week. Make sure to check back to this post each day for new updates straight from the race venue!
5.1.2017 klo 6.18
Wax recommendation for yet another cold weather race in the Midwest region.
5.1.2017 klo 6.05
With the big high school race being postponed for one weekend, we have updated the recommendation for the new set of conditions at Giant Ridge!
27.12.2016 klo 23.17
Quick recommendation for the Ontario Cup freestyle sprint taking place tomorrow at Lappe Nordic Ski Center in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
20.12.2016 klo 20.05
Information about the kister line from Rex. What has changed and what has stayed the same in last few years from Rex.
16.12.2016 klo 15.53
Recommendation from the Rossland Noram.
15.12.2016 klo 18.37
Quick recommendation for the Eastern Cup races this weekend at Craftsbury. Races are a distance classic and a pursuit start skate.
15.12.2016 klo 18.27
Early recommendation for the Houghton CCSA/JNQ races this weekend. Classic sprints an distance freestyle races.
9.12.2016 klo 5.52
Wax recommendation for the races at the Sovereign Lake Nordic Center in B.C. Cold weather means hard paraffins, and green kick waxes!
30.11.2016 klo 5.59
Brief description on the benefits and process involved when race hardening your new or freshly ground skis for the season!
22.11.2016 klo 21.35
Changes are in store this season for Rex in the US! Look forward to blog posts, articles, and recommendations coming straight from the Rexperts in the US!
19.11.2016 klo 8.34
11.11.2016 klo 9.10
31.10.2016 klo 13.40
Introduction of new Rex HF gliders
28.10.2016 klo 12.29
20.9.2016 klo 10.27
Tips to get the best performance with the new Racing Service -line 30G Grip wax
8.4.2016 klo 11.17
Massahiihto 9.4.2016 Äkäslompolo-Levikeskus
2.4.2016 klo 7.47
1-3.4 Taivalkoski
23.3.2016 klo 8.42
19-20.3.2016 Valkeakoski
16.3.2016 klo 21.49
54km classic. Rena-Lillehammer, Norway