27.1.2017 klo 15.34
First marathon of the season in the Midwest region is happening this weekend. Look to this recommendation for some quick boards!
27.1.2017 klo 8.13
27.1.2017 klo 5.34
Quick recommendation for the skate races this weekend in Duluth, MN.
24.1.2017 klo 13.38
20.1.2017 klo 20.18
Quick recommendation from testing done on site at the Western Canadian Championships in Whistler, BC.
19.1.2017 klo 13.48
19.1.2017 klo 3.55
Quick recommendation for the Rennet this weekend at Hyland Park.
19.1.2017 klo 3.41
Races will be held at the new starting location for the Birkie this year. Warm temperatures and new trails will make tricky waxing conditions for everyone. Our recommendation will be a safe option that will ensure fast skis for the weekend!
13.1.2017 klo 21.42
13.1.2017 klo 4.57
Cold temperatures leading up to the race will make race day feel mild. Still going to be single digits to low teens through the race so colder waxes are still recommended!
9.1.2017 klo 10.05
9.1.2017 klo 10.00
5.1.2017 klo 6.30
One of our Rexperts is on location at Soldier Hollow for US Nationals and will be conducting testing throughout the week. Make sure to check back to this post each day for new updates straight from the race venue!
5.1.2017 klo 6.18
Wax recommendation for yet another cold weather race in the Midwest region.
5.1.2017 klo 6.05
With the big high school race being postponed for one weekend, we have updated the recommendation for the new set of conditions at Giant Ridge!
27.12.2016 klo 23.17
Quick recommendation for the Ontario Cup freestyle sprint taking place tomorrow at Lappe Nordic Ski Center in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
20.12.2016 klo 20.05
Information about the kister line from Rex. What has changed and what has stayed the same in last few years from Rex.
16.12.2016 klo 15.53
Recommendation from the Rossland Noram.
15.12.2016 klo 18.37
Quick recommendation for the Eastern Cup races this weekend at Craftsbury. Races are a distance classic and a pursuit start skate.
15.12.2016 klo 18.27
Early recommendation for the Houghton CCSA/JNQ races this weekend. Classic sprints an distance freestyle races.