Visma ski classics final

Updated recommendation 13.4. 15:00!

Saturday 14.4

Weather forecast 11.4 17:00
air: morning: -1°C, day: +6°C
snow: mixed. Fine and moist snow
weather: sunny, 2m/s northwind

Glide wax

option 1

  • HF11 +2...-2°C
  • TK-50 fluoro powder
    melt with iron once, brush up, melt again, cool the ski down and brush with nylon

Option 2

  • HF11 +2...-2°C
  • TK-73 fluoro block
    applied with natural cork, brush with nylon

Grip wax

  • 2901 Liquid base klister
  • 205 Purple klister
  • 216 Gold klister
  • Hydrex fluoro liquid