1/06 -- Big day out testing at SoHo. We pretty much ran through everything from the ground up excluding some liquid toppers. In the morning our big focus was on narrowing down an underlayer and paraffin option for us to use during the girls race tomorrow. With the guys race forecast being significantly warmer than all temperatures we had during the day we had to use what data we had from todays test to determine some of the waxes for tomorrow. It was pretty clear right away in the morning even before putting skis on that conditions were much different than the day before. With temperatures dropping well below zero overnight and SoHo having the snow guns blasting full steam through the night, RCF Pink definitely made its way to the top of the paraffin test as I had predicted yesterday. HF31 was even better today than it was yesterday and we see that being a very fast (and safe!) option to use in both the guys and girls race. For powder testing we tested TK-820, 342, and 63. TK-820 and 63 were clearly ahead of 342, but that was a bit expected as the snow conditions were different than what 342 has been designed for. TK-820 and 63 were close through the morning, but we gave the nod to 63 overall. Both will be back in our tests tomorrow to determine our powder for the morning. Temperatures could warm up enough where TK-29 will begin to be in the mix later on in the day, but more testing will need to be done to verify. Race recommendation based on testing:

Underlayer - RCF Pink

Paraffin - HF31

Powder - 63 Powder

1/05 -- Interesting conditions in the morning with snow conditions changing made us rethink plans and adapt today for our testing. We were initially going to be testing once around 9:00, and then again around1:00. Conditions were extremely variable in the morning with new snow falling meaning that we could not test with reliable results. We ended up testing everything either at or after 1:00 except for some kick which we were able to do around 10:00. LF Black tested very well with the new falling snow today, we will be testing it again tomorrow, but will also throw RCF Pink into the mix as the snow transforms and gets colder over night. HF 31 was the fastest paraffin, despite warmer temperatures during testing, we see it still being our fastest paraffin tomorrow as the temperature continues to drop. We did not test any topcoats today, but plan to have 342, 63, and TK-820 in the mix tomorrow, along with Ruka Gel. While the first race is not classic, we did do some testing earlier in the day to get some feelers for how our wax was reacting to the snow. The best combination we found was ProGrip Violet covered with ProGrip Red. Below is a recommendation for wax, based solely on todays test results and not on forecast for the distance race:

Underlayer - LF Black

Paraffin - HF31

Powder - TK-29

01/04 -- First day of testing will be conducted tomorrow. We will be testing primarily undercoats and topcoats, testing once around 9:00, and then again around 1:00 during the heat of the day after the track has been skied in a little bit more. Look for our first test results tomorrow night!