With a full week of racing in very warm temperatures, the waxes that will be running well are going to be very similar all week.


Undercoat: RCF Pink

Paraffin: HF11

Powder: TK-245, TK-50

Top Coat: Sapporo Gel

RCF Pink is a great underlayer on man-made courses. Its extreme hardness helps to increase durability of the waxes and also to repel dirt. Similar to RCF Pink, HF11 is harder than most warm-weather waxes which helps to increase durability. From prior testing earlier this season, both TK-245 and TK-50 are great options at Telemark. When applying Sapporo Gel, either use a roto-fleece, or just brush out after spreading.


1. Yellow Klister + 4 dots Gold Klister

2. Yellow Klister + 4 dots Universal

3. Yellow Klister

All Klisters should be applied on top of Rex Base Klister as a binder. Zeroes have also been testing well during the week, especially when Hydrex is used to speed up the skis, as well as to help repel dirt. Grip wax test results and recommendation provided via testing done by Will Sweetser at Mountain Endurance Sports.

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