6.2.2019 klo 3.27
Starts on Lake Hayward and finishes at Hwy OO. One big mass start!
3.2.2019 klo 16.05
Updates will be put out Sunday and Tuesday
31.1.2019 klo 0.18
One of the older races in Minnesota (started in 1972). Held at the Northland Arboretum. 16 & 6km skate or classic
30.1.2019 klo 20.29
An urban point-to-point race! Starts at Theodore Wirth and finishes in the Uptown area. There are also 10K tour event, and skijor, ice bike, and kids races.
24.1.2019 klo 0.53
Held at the Spirit Mountain ski trails. Hosted by the Duluth XC ski club.
23.1.2019 klo 20.29
16.1.2019 klo 16.49
Held at Lapham Peak.
16.1.2019 klo 16.42
World-class trails take you over challenging climbs, across prairies, and through native Minnesota maple and basswood forests. 26K skiers extend their challenging climbs on Hyland Hills Ski Area. 10K racers will enjoy the rolling hills on an intermediate course.
16.1.2019 klo 16.35
Two days of racing on the Birkie trails, using the new Birkie start area. Classic sprints Saturday, mass start Classic on Sunday.
11.1.2019 klo 1.25
One of the longer running high school meets, held at Theodore Wirth.
11.1.2019 klo 1.06
9.1.2019 klo 22.59
Check back for any updates!
9.1.2019 klo 22.13
Check back for any updates!
4.1.2019 klo 0.43
9AM Start
3.1.2019 klo 19.01
2.1.2019 klo 15.45
Men's 15km Classic @ 10am Women's 10km Classic @1pm
2.1.2019 klo 15.27
High School Non-fluorinated skate and classic 5km
28.12.2018 klo 23.39
Double Pole Derby at the Birkiebeiner Startline
20.12.2018 klo 15.53
Junior sprints over two days on snowmaking loop at Elver Park.
14.12.2018 klo 4.22
First JNQ race of the season. Joint JNQ/CCSA race at the trails on the Michigan Tech campus.