Now that the season is just starting, getting your skis ready for the racing season must be on your mind. If you picked up a new pair of skis, or got an older pair stone ground from your local shop, there are a few steps that you will need to complete in order to make sure your skis are ready to accept race waxes.

This process of getting your skis prepped is commonly known as race hardening. When you get a new pair of skis, or a pair of skis stone ground you will need to start to get wax into the bases. This can be done easily using Base Oil from Rex which with an easy application will give you the equivalent of 2-3 hot waxes. Another option that can be used to easily get wax into a base is by getting a hot box. This will help to get softer waxes penetrated deep into the base.

One issue that arises from putting in these softer waxes is that it makes the bases a little bit softer, making them more susceptible to scratches. In addition to this, the warmer waxes are usually not as durable as some of the colder blues and greens available. In order to combat this issue, you will want to apply one coat of a harder paraffin such as 424 Green or 458 LF Green. This can then be scraped and brushed out. Now your skis will be harder and more durable. You can add your wax of the day after if you would like your skis to move a little quicker if it is not cold out.

Below is a quick summary of the steps involved in race hardening your skis:

  1. Base Oil or 491 Base Paraffin
    • Wipe down with towel after 6-12 hours if using Base Oil.
    • Scrape and Brush with metal brush if using 491 Base Paraffin.
  2. 424 Green or 458 LF Green
    • Scrape and Brush with metal brush
  3. Wax of the day or travel wax