Great conditions to be had up in Thunder Bay at the Lappe Nordic Ski Center. A little bit of new snow overnight will turn the race into an awesome day. Quick recommendation for the races below.

Update: Quick update for the classic race on Thursday that includes the grip wax recommendation.

Update x2: Second update for the third race in the Ontario Cup series. Temperatures are dropping down overnight so slightly colder waxes will be used.


  • Paraffin: HF 21
  • Powder: TK-29
  • Top Coat: TK-72 Block


  • Binder: -2...-8 Blue
  • Kicker: ProGrip Blue (2-3 coats)

Friday Glide

  • Paraffin: HF 31
  • Powder: TK-820
  • Top Coat: TK-72 Block