While the race looks as if it will definitely be going on this weekend, it is still not warm by any means. Temperatures are forecasted for the single digits for race time. You will want to put your hardest waxes in and let them sit there over night. Fluoro topcoats make less of an impact in colder temperatures like this, but TK-72 may be able to help give you that last little edge your skis may be looking for.


  • Underlayer: LF Black
  • Paraffin: HF 31
  • Powder: TK-820
  • Top Coat: TK-72


  • Binder: 115 Blue (Thinly ironed)
  • Grip: ProGrip Green (2-3 Coats)
    • Coat with 1 thin layer of 105 Light Green to speed up kick if needed.