Rex is well known for their legendary Klisters. National teams and citizen racers alike have been using Rex Klisters for years. From the trusty Universal to the always fast Gold, having Rex Klisters in your wax box is a must. While the Klisters have been a standby for years, there have been some small changes in the lineup recently. In this article we will go over all of the klisters, what has changed, and what has stayed the same.

OU, OV, OI - The original three that made Rex Klisters what they are. All three were warm weather klisters designed for specific snow conditions. OU was a special klister designed for extremely wet and slushy conditions. When you are having a hard time keeping your ski boots dry, OU was the klister to choose. OV is another special klister for wet and coarse snow. OV works well when the snow is transitioning to dry, but has not quite yet turned icy. OI was the third special klister, this one designed for warmer conditions when the snow has not yet turned extremely wet or coarse. Out of these three, the only one currently still in production is OV. OI and OU have been replaced with the new Red Special Klister.

Red Special - The new Red Special was developed using some of the new raw materials that are in the Gold Klister. The Red Special works best in a moist snow fall and also slushy snow. A rule of thumb to use with the warm weather klisters is if it is old and dirty snow, try OV, newer and cleaner snow, use the new Red Special.

Gold – One of the best selling klisters in the world, Gold has become the standard in manmade klisters. While it works well on its own, you can also top it with other waxes such as TK-1814 to change the gliding and kicking properties to suit the specific snow condtions.

Violet, Universal, Blue – These waxes have remained untouched in recent years. All still at the top of their game in the right conditions. Violet is designed for colder conditions that either OV or Red Special, but still works on both icy and wet, coarse snow. Universal is well, as its name suggests, designed to be used in all conditions. Blue klister, or sometimes referred to as ice klister, is famous for its durability in abrasive conditions. While it can be used on its own in icy conditions, blue klister can also be used as a binder for other waxes as well.

Be sure to stock up your box with the full line of klisters from Rex. When the conditions turn for the worse, having Rex in your box will give you that extra advantage!