The first set of races in the new CXC Junior Cup race series is taking place this weekend in Houghton, MI. Below is the preliminary recommendation for Races.

12/14 Update - With the forecast warming slightly for Sundays race, there is a slight change to the recommendation for kick wax. Glide recommendation stays the same for the weekend, with TK-77 looking even better as the likely fastest powder.


  • Undercoat: LF Black
  • Paraffin: HF21G
  • Powder Option 1: TK-77
  • Powder Option 2: TK-29
  • Fluoro Block: TK-72


  • Binder: Base Wax (Thinly Ironed)
  • Kick Wax: ProGrip Blue (2 coats) + Light Blue (2 coats)