2/20 Update - Added a budget option to the recommendation. Looking for a fast wax job that will work for the Birkie this year, and have a good chance of working for future races? Look to this option for waxes that are proven to be safe and fast in a wide range of conditions!

2/19 Update - New forecasts show snow coming on Thursday and Friday. Because of this, we are adjusting the recommendation to adapt to this new snow! Adding HF21G and 77 Powder into the recommendation will help speed the skis up on the sharp snow crystals!

We will be updating this recommendation all week as the forecast changes and as we get results back in from testing on course!


  • Undercoat: LF Green
  • Paraffin: HF 21G
  • Powders:
    1. 77 Powder
  • Topcoat:
    1. TK-72 Block
    2. Oslo Liquid


Finding the balance of grip and glide will be the difference between a good and a bad birkie. We will give you the best information to help you achieve your birkie goals! Topcoat will depend on if the old dirty snow bleeds through, or if it is a layer of fresh new snow on top.

  • Binder: PowerGrip Green
    • Make sure that this is ironed in thin and cooled outside before applying the next layer of wax
  • Grip:
    1. Bury 2-3 layers of -1/-4 Blue
    2. Cover with 2-3 layers of ProGrip Blue
  • Topcoat:
    • 30G

Budget Glide

HF 21 and TK-72 are the core components of our glide line. HF21 is a very versatile paraffin that works well outside it's suggested temperature range. Being harder than many other companies waxes in the blue range, it will be able to handle colder conditions quite well, and is very durable. TK-72, also known as the gold block, is known as a do it all top coat. Put it on your skis, it will never slow them down, regardless of the conditions. Works best on older snow, but still excels on new and mixed snow conditions!

  • Paraffin: HF21
  • Topcoat: TK-72