Update 2/22 - Making a slight change to the preliminary recommendation. Right now there is only one viable recommendation for the week. The only way that the big show is going to happen, is if we get significant snowfall on Friday. That being said, I am making a slight adjustment to the glide recommendation, and getting rid of the klister option for the kick recommendation.

This will definitely be a Birkie to remember. Weather conditions look suboptimal all week, but hopefully the groomers and volunteers at the Birkie will be able to pull out a miracle. Below will be the recommendation, along with any updates from testing and changes in the forecast and course condtions.


Glide wax is a bit more straightforward than grip waxing. With the only way possible that the race happens is for the new snow coming in on Friday, laying down a layer of LF Black will help to harden the bases against the sharp snow crystals. Both TK-29 and TK-72 are very safe options for top coats, regardless of what happens with the snow.

  • Undercoat: LF Black (RCF Graphite)
  • Paraffin: HF 21G
  • Powders:
    1. TK-29
  • Topcoat: TK-72 Block


Finding the balance of grip and glide will be the difference between a good and a bad birkie. We will give you the best information to help you achieve your birkie goals! Topcoat will depend on if the old dirty snow bleeds through, or if it is a layer of fresh new snow on top.

  • Binder: PowerGrip Green
    • Make sure that this is ironed in thin and cooled outside before applying the next layer of wax
  • Grip:
    1. ProGrip Blue
    2. 115 -2/-8 Blue
  • Topcoat:
    • 30G
    • Hydrex