As of right now there are multiple glide and grip waxes that could be in the hunt on Saturday based on the long range forecasts. We will be updating these recommendations throughout the week as forecasts are updated. Rex will also be onsite later in the week testing waxes to see what is running the best. Good luck to all racing the Birkie!

UPDATE 2/16 - Forecast has been shifting slightly warmer. Only a few minor changes to the recommendations. Topcoat block has been changed from TK-125 to TK-244 with the chance of new snow the day before seemingly gone. TK-50 is still the strongest option for powders. I am leaving the kick recommendation as is for now, will post updates if forecasts change once again!

UPDATE 2/17 - Recommendation is still looking very similar. Only change is from LF Purple to LF Black with the likelihood of new snow on Friday looking to be slim. LF Black will help to repel dirt and increase durability.

UPDATE 2/19 - Testing results: I was able to get out to Birkie Ridge for some testing before the rain came through. I feel like conditions will be as good as they can get for comparison to tomorrow's race. Was able to narrow down the powders, and found a great option for kick! Track is fairly dirty, so Hydrex will be a great option to help repel dirt on any Klister without affecting kick.


  1. 342
  2. TK-50
  3. TK-245


  • Base Klister
  • Brown + Universal Klister
  • Hydrex


Glide wax is a bit more straightforward than grip waxing. A graphite undercoat looks like it won't be needed, but a layer of LF wax underneath will not hurt. There are a few different powders that could be running and tests on Thursday and Friday will help to narrow that down.

  • Undercoat: LF Black (RCF Graphite)
  • Paraffin: HF11
  • Powders:
    1. 342
    2. TK-50
    3. TK-245
  • Topcoat: TK-244 Block


Finding the balance of grip and glide will be the difference between a good and a bad birkie. We will give you the best information to help you achieve your birkie goals!

  • Binder: Base Klister
    • Make sure that this is ironed in thin and cooled outside before applying the next layer of wax
  • Grip:
    1. 225 Brown "OV" Klister + 240 Universal Klister - For Earlier waves
    2. 225 Brown "OV" Klister - For later waves
  • Topcoat:
    • Hydrex

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