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Rex Future Fluor technology

Rex Future Fluor is our PFOA-free new generation fluorocarbon technology. More enviromentally-friendly, and better performance too!

New Rex TK-73 fluoro block

The new king of fluoro blocks! TK73 is a new-generation PFOA-free fluoro block with even better performance than its predecessor, TK-72.
>> View Fluoro Blocks

Rex mobile app

Download our mobile app for your phone! The app makes choosing the correct ski wax easy: Just enter snow type, temperature and skill level, and the app shows the correct waxes and also gives detailed how-to instructions for glide and grip waxing.

>> Download for iOS
>> Download for Android
>> Download for Windows Phone

Ski Care Products

Get the best performance from your waxfree skis with Rex Skin Care and Anti-ice!

>> View Rex Ski Care Products



Rex Racing Service Line

Previously available for professional waxers and ski teams only, Rex is now releasing a limited series of Racing Service Line products through selected shops.
>> View range

Race reports and waxing recommendations

8 Jan 2020, 19:13
8 Jan 2020, 19:02
3 Jan 2020, 14:11
2 Jan 2020, 22:02
2 Jan 2020, 02:04
2 Jan 2020, 01:42
2 Jan 2020, 01:32
20 Dec 2019, 14:27
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13 Dec 2019, 08:58

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