ProGrip Fluor Waxes

A line of fluorinated grip waxes optimized for the requirements of classic racing these days, which means usually either double poling of aggressively "running" uphill. Frequently used in World Cup races by many national teams. When you are looking for a race-day grip wax with best possible gliding properties, ProGrip is the correct choice!

Recommended to be used in especially in wet and moist conditions when fluor reduces icing and improves gliding properties.



ProGrip Green

The coldest wax in the collection to be used in all snow conditions. This can also be used as a cover for ProGrip Blue.

ProGrip Blue

The legendary Rex blue spiced up with a pinch of fluor. Works on all conditions below zero.

ProGrip Purple


The choice for mild frosts. At its best on moist snow. Makes a great cover for purple klister on coarse snow.


ProGrip Red

Rex’s legendary "one to one". This is an unique wax for demanding conditions around 0°C. Can be used as an alternative for klisters with excellent anti-ice properties. One of Rex’s most popular grip waxes. Makes a good combination with Universal klister.

Applying Rex Grip Waxes

Grip waxing (Kick waxing) from start to finish:
Base preparation then base wax, and finally the wax of the day


  1. Mount masking tape in the both ends of the grip zone
  2. Roughen the ski base with sand paper
  3. wipe off excess dirt
  4. crayon a layer of Rex Base Wax. (Alternatively you can use Rex Liquid Base Klister, which is a faster method.)
  5. Heat the wax with a heat gun or waxing iron
  6. smooth with synthetic cork
  7. crayon a thin layer of chosen Rex grip wax, suitable for snow type and temperature
  8. smooth out with cork
  9. typically 2-4 coats are required, varies depending of ski stiffness vs. skier weight and personal preference
  10. after every application use a cork to smooth out the wax
  11. remove masking tapes and finish the kick wax