Basic Grip Waxes

Our well-known and trusted basic grip wax line contains some classics, which have been in production for over 50 years!


Tar Universal

NEW! Excellent wax for skiers who are looking for simplicity in their waxing, as well as for racing skiers. Despite it’s "Universal" name it's a fully proven race wax, especially at mild frosts (-1…-8°C).


Light Green

The most popular Rex wax for cold conditions. On new snow provides a good grip at around -6°C. Use it in race waxing as a coating for softer waxes.


The king of grip waxes! A classic that has been in production for decades, still remaining relevant. In Finland Rex Blue has gained a legendary reputation, just ask any finnish skier! It is used widely as a universal grip wax on cold temperatures. Its grip and glide properties can be adjusted by the thickness of the wax layer. The colder the weather, the thinner the layer.

Blue Special

Another Rex-legend. A bit softer and more gripping than Blue (115) for milder frosts. Provides a good grip even on hard and worn track.


Despite of its purple color, this is a pure below-zero-temperature wax, which is used in race waxing as a coating for PowerGrip Green. A secure choice for recreational skiers.


Red kick wax for zero conditions. When mixed or used as a coating for klisters, gives great protection against icing on new or loose snow.

Base Wax

A durable base wax with a new updated, less rubbery composition. Easier to apply without heat. In addition to using it as a binder layer, it is now also suitable for building additional wax layers underneath the top layer.

Applying Rex Grip Waxes

Grip waxing (Kick waxing) from start to finish:
Base preparation then base wax, and finally the wax of the day


  1. Mount masking tape in the both ends of the grip zone
  2. Roughen the ski base with sand paper
  3. Wipe off excess dirt
  4. Crayon a layer of Rex Base Wax. (Alternatively you can use Rex Liquid Base Klister, which is a faster method.)
  5. Heat the wax with a heat gun or waxing iron
  6. Smooth with synthetic cork
  7. Crayon a thin layer of chosen Rex grip wax, suitable for snow type and temperature
  8. Smooth out with cork
  9. Typically 2-4 coats are required, varies depending of ski stiffness vs. skier weight and personal preference
  10. After every application use a cork to smooth out the wax
  11. Remove masking tapes and finish the kick wax