Rex Fluorine Gels

Easy and economical way to get a world class glide.

Our top coat liquids are recommended to all racing skiers from juniors to elite racers. Can be used as a “boost” on top of powders.


Table for choosing the right fluor gel


Hydrex 2


Our completely renewed Hydrex 2 now PFOA-free, without sacrificing performance. Widely used in racing for coating klisters. Increases gliding properties of grip wax without affecting grip, decreases icing and repels dirt. Hydrex 2 is also the best possible treatment for skin skis! Can also used as a glide wax between +3...-5°C on coarse and dirty snow. Beats many powders in glide tests when combined with TK-73 and attached with rotocork or rotofleece.



Sapporo is a gel containing molybdene. Designed for coarse, wet and granulated snow. You can also use it on dry grained snow down to -20°C.


An evolution of SLC Gel, it is suited for colder conditions when the snow is transforming from fresh snow to older coarse snow.

Applying Rex Fluorine Gels

Of all fluorine coatings, fluor gels are the easiest to use, and work on top of grip waxes. They are also economical when compared to powders, but lack the durability of powers.


  1. Shake the bottle well before use
  2. Pour gel onto ski base and smooth with hand
  3. Polish in with natural cork
  4. Brush with nylon brush and wipe with cloth

Treating skin skis with Rex Hydrex 2

The the best possible treatment for skin skis. Rex Hydrex 2 is a hydrophobic coating that keeps the mohair insert cleaner, improves its glide and does not weaken grip.