Rex HF Gliders

The story of new HF series: From 25 different Sochi Olympic test waxes to 4 commercial products.

The research and development of the new HF series began in collaboration with the Finnish National XC Ski team with a common goal: To make the ultimate HF glider for Sochi Olympics. We started with a blank canvas and completely new raw materials, and made 25 different test waxes that were tested with over 8.000 timed test runs in different conditions. Only the best waxes for each temperature range were chosen for production, and here they are! The new HF series is the first of new generation Rex gliders.


  • All of the waxes are relatively hard, but their melting point is low comparet to their hardness (130-140°C)
  • Melt with an iron to a clean ski base
  • Scrape when the wax is still warm
  • Let cool down and brush lightly with a brass or natural brush
  • Finish with a nylon brush


>> Table for choosing the correct HF wax


HF11 Yellow


For new and old snow. The softest wax on HF -series. Compared to traditional warm condition HF gliders, the HF11 is relatively hard and not so oily wax. Easy to apply and extremely dirt repellent.


HF21 Blue


For all snow types. Developed for mild to medium frosts, the HF21 is our all time fastest HF glider! It is hard, but still easy to melt. Developed especially as an underlayer for fluoro powders, but works extremely well also as a final layer.


HF31 Green


For all snow types. Hard and very durable HF glider for cold conditions. Due to its hardness, it is very durable and abrasion resistant even in warmer conditions.


HF21 Graphite


A brand new wax in the extremely popular HF series. Engineered especially for new snow, containing a precisely defined amount of graphite. Hardness is positioned between HF11 Yellow and HF21 Blue.


HF Powder


For old snow.

High fluor glider in powder form. Based on the same new raw materials as the highly acclaimed new HF-series. The powder form enables the mixture of the insoluble PTFE component into the product.

Watch a video about HF Powder on our YouTube channel!

Pro Tips: World Cup Level Glide Waxing

World Cup level glide waxing performed by our racing service experts.
Follow the instructions, and try out how fast your skis really can be!

  1. Apply Rex Low Fluor Black glider
  2. Scrape off excess wax and brush when still warm
  3. Apply Rex High Fluor glider
  4. Scrape off excess wax and brush
  5. Let the ski cool down
  6. Sprinkle powder evenly onto the base
  7. Arrange adequate ventilation in the waxing room. It is recommended to always wear a respirator
  8. Melt the powder by moving the iron slowly but steadily
  9. brush the powder up with short back and forth strokes with a nylon brush
  10. iron in with several quick wipes
  11. brush the powder up
  12. cork in the powder with a rotocork
  13. let the ski cool down
  14. gently scrape excess fluor off the base
  15. brush gently with a horsehair or metal brush
  16. brush with nylon rotobrush
  17. finish with hand nylon brush. Wipe clean with a cloth