Rex Fluorine Blocks

Easier and more economical to use than powders. In some conditions a block is even better choice than a powder. Meant for coating LF or HF waxes, but can also be used as a “boost” on top of powders.

Fluorine blocks are an excellent choice for junior racers, and also for all skiing enthusiasts who want an easy way to make skis faster. The basic applying method is:

  • Rub the fluoro block onto ski base
  • Apply with natural cork
  • Brush with a nylon brush (use a separate clean brush reserved only for fluorinated coatings)

Table for choosing the right fluoro block



  • New and old snow
  • Freeze

"The king of fluor blocks" is one of most legendary Rex products due to its reliability in every condition. You can never make your skis slower with TK-72, although it gives best performance on old snow.

If you are buying your first fluoro block, buy this!



  • Coarse snow, moist snow
  • Really wet / around 0°C / high humidity slightly sub-zero

For coarse and moist snow, and wet conditions. Easy to use, reliable and economic choice for race waxing.



  • Raining sleet
  • Really wet / around 0°C / moist snow

A special coating for moist, falling snow and soft track around 0°C.

Applying Rex Fluorine Blocks

Fluor blocks are easy to apply. They are rubbed on the ski base and usually polished in with a natural or roto-cork, but can also be ironed in when extra durability is required.

  1. Rub the block onto the ski base
  2. Polish in with handcork
  3. Brush with nylon brush and wipe with cloth