LF Gliders

LF Low Fluor series replaces the RCF series, offering more wax and performance. The waxes are suitable for racing as well as for recreational skiing, and includes waxes that are suitable in broad applications either as a middle layer as well as a final layer. Rex LF waxes combine the performance properties of HF High Fluor glide waxes, and the economies of non-fluor waxes. The most popular waxes are also available in 300 gram packages.


LF Red


The softest wax of the LF Low Fluor group offers the properties of the HF High Fluor Red to a large degree. It’s best for soft tracks on wet snow or new snow at freezing. If sleeting, try Nagano #473 as coating.


LF Purple

A sure choice for wet and polished track in just above or below freezing. Also available in a 300 gram package.

LF Blue


LF Low Fluor blue is the fluorinated version of the legendary Rex Blue. Works both on new and old snow. The “official benchmark wax” for the Rex Service and Product Development teams. In racing use, a ski base waxed with Blue LF is a good starting point for any wax of the day.


LF Green

A wax for cold conditions, especially for dry snow.

LF Black


The king of the LF Low Fluors! Identical to the storied RCF Graphite. Works best in moist freezing conditions, but due to its excellent durability it is widely used as a base for HF High Fluors in any condition.

Applying Rex Gliders (Hot Waxing)

Standard hot waxing procedure using Rex Gliders.

  1. Melt wax onto the base
  2. Apply the glide wax as an even layer
  3. Keep the iron moving to prevent damaging the ski base
  4. Scrape the excess glide wax off
  5. Brush with horsehair brush (opening up the base structure is easier while the wax is still warm, especially when using harder gliders: blue, green, black)
  6. Let the ski cool down
  7. Finish with a nylon brush and wipe with a cloth